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   Known as one of the world's best Hat Designer's, Fly Boy TCF Clothing came from the vision of wanting to step outside of the fashion trend, into a trend of their own. Nobody said it would be easy, but CEO/Owner & Designer Terroll Fields knew it wouldn't take much to get the world to jump on board with his creative mind and self-taught skills. But little did he know, the Fashion Industry was well aware that someone had to step out of Fast Fashion, and create a Fashion style that'll be around Forever .


   From the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, where "The CEO" was frequently admired for his stylish apparel and sneakers, he earned the name "Fly Boy" at the age of 13. Many years later, he took his dream to Miami, Florida in 2008, and got the inside scoop from a native Music Producer / Graphic Designer, on how to start and run a Clothing Company. With a stencil drawn logo of self confidence, it was all turned around when Fly Boy was given a New Logo Image, that was sure to be worth Millions down the line. Reaping the benefits of his musical skills, the Lyrical CEO was able to fund his projects financially on his own, and figured it was now time to pack up and move closer to "The Land of Opportunities" (Las Vegas, Nevada).


   With an arrival date of September 2012, it took Fly Boy no time to settle in and start a wave. And as Fly Boy TCF Clothing became official in November 2013, they were still on a manhunt to locking down the "Road to Success". With assistance from their first Las Vegas Fan, they were given the Opportunity of Hope in August 2014, at the Magic Clothing Convention; from there on out, the Red Carpet of Stardom welcomed Fly Boy TCF Clothing into the Industry, where Hats & T-shirts was only the beginning...