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(1) 5oz Bottle of Jalapeno Sauce + (1) 5oz Bottle of Habanero Sauce + (1) 5oz Bottle of Carolina Reaper Sauce

*** (Warning) The juiciest picked Carolina Reaper Peppers in the garden, crushed to cause a fire like feeling to your tongue; may even scorch your taste buds, causing you to not recognize any other flavor thereafter. +

*** (Caution) The best picked Red Habanero Peppers on the Planet, blended together to cause an eye-watering, throat clearing reaction, of Boldness in a Hot Sauce for food flavoring. +

A taste of classical tasting Fresh Jalapenos, with a pinch of Spiciness.

*** Produced in a plant that uses Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Soy and Wheat Products.

Triple Threat Fly Boy Hot Sauce Combo Pack

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