3oz Volcanic Jalapeno Beef Jerky

3oz Volcanic Jalapeno Beef Jerky


Fly Boy LLC and Slice of Life Food's has partnered together, to bring you Volcanic Jalapeño, which is much like an actual volcano. At first taste, it is sweet and harmless. Then you feel a little heat, which quickly erupts into an explosion great tasting jerky. Volcanic Jalapeño is the perfect answer for those who have tried so-called hot jerky before and found it to be too mild. This jerky has been designed with 5 different types of pepper (Jalapeño, habanero, cayenne, red and black pepper) as well as our custom blend of spices and gourmet ingredients. It was critical for us to make sure that underneath all the heat, it was still an amazing jerky. – Each bag is 3 ounces of great jerky, made fresh at our local facility.


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