Frequently asked questions

What fabrics are used to create your clothing?

Our merchandise consist of some of the highest quality blends of Viscoe, Cottons, Polyester, Poly-blends, Tri-blends, Leathers, Synthetic Leathers, Suedes, PU, Denims, Fleece, Rubber and Silicon from around the world. Imported from Bangladesh, Vietnam, Turkey, India, China, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Italy, Indonesia, Cambodia; just to name a few. Hundreds of different textures of materials are sought out and tested, before making final decisions on what's used for final production. Should you have any further questions pertaining to our fabrics used, you can email us @ officialblkdmnd@gmail.com (Subject: Fabrics)

How does your clothing fit, and do you cater to Men or Women?

Our clothing fit (TTS) "True To Size", as if it was tailor made in person. As we aim for Success as a Luxury Brand name, we decided to make every cut & sew project Optimal. Even tho every individual is differently sized in height and weight/figured, we still focus on pin pointing every angel to fit perfectly! Because our merchandise is Tailored to fit (TTS) "True To Size", should you require a more Relaxed Fit for comfort, please order one size larger than your normal size. You can also refer to our sizing chart in each product section. Our clothing and other merchandise is Unisex, and measured according to a US Standard Measurement Chart.

Can we purchase your products in stores, or is it only available online ?

As we are just branching out with our new design, we look forward to distributing globally within the next few months, to a year. For a list of all locations that will stock & sell our products, please refer to the "CONTACT US" page. You can also catch us at different Popup Shops, Special Events, Festivals, Fashion Shows, etc. Stay tuned, as we continue to grow patiently !

How do we know if we are receiving Authentic clothing from your Brand?

Our BLK DMND Clothing can only be purchased from our website at the moment, unless otherwise stated on our "CONTACT US" page. As we know in every market/industry, when products become a high demand & hot commodity, other businesses and manufacturers love to immitate what's Authentic, just to meet the demand of sales; from fake Social Media Accounts to fake Websites. So just remember, when in doubt, you can always invert to emailing or contacting us personally for Proof of Authenticity !!!

When can we purchase the Early Release Merchandise shown on the website?

The Early Release Merchandise can be purchased in advance for each release date, but will not be shipped out until the actual time of release for each item. Upon ordering any Exclusive, V.I.P., Early Release Merchandise, there will be no refunds given whatsoever. Once your card has been charged and your purchase has been processed into our sales system, all purchases are final. Every purchase input into our P.O.S. website system can be generated by human input only, leaving no errors for robot entries. Please understand we aim to please every customer that supports our brand, but also be advised that all Terms & Conditions apply to the fullest.

How does your Slippers (Slides) run, and are they Men or Women?

Our slippers (slides) run a size small (exact fit), so we encourage every customer to please order 1 size bigger than their original shoe size, for a more comfortable relax fit. All of our high quality custom made slides are Unisex, so please refer to our sizing chart in each slipper option for further viewing.

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